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About eCoe:

Eugenia Coe is a sound designer, clarinetist, and producer based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She seeks out innovative methods in realizing sounds unheard of with the approach of discovering, not recreating. Her work has gained recognition from prestigious organizations globally, taking her around the world.


In sound design, she specializes in Foley and Kontakt instrument building from raw samples. In the recording studio, she holds a strong presence with her leadership skills and adaptability. Eugenia's producing work expands from the recording studio into live performances. She has produced for the premiere of Pygmalion and Galatea: A Ballet in Miniature, and most recently for "The Year Earth Changed" Live Documentary Screening.


As a media composer, Eugenia has a diverse musical background she implements into her compositional work. She dabbles in composing for orchestral film scoring and electronic/orchestral hybrid game audio scoring. Her work has been recognized by Sony PlayStation in their top 10 music choices. Eugenia has also worked as lead engineer and Pro Tools Operator alongside PlayStation professionals.


Eugenia currently attends the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for her Professional Studies Certificate in Technology and Applied Composition, with a Bachelor of Music in classical clarinet performance. 




San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Professional Studies Certificate

Technology and Applied Composition


San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Bachelor of Music

Clarinet Performance


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